The Fundamentals Of BTC Investing

BTCBitcoin is one of fastest growing forms of currency in existence. Although the technology may be difficult to understand for most, the underlying fundamentals of BTC investing ring true. As more people begin to adopt this system of value transfer the usage, and subsequently, the price will only go up as well.

Making Smart BTC Investing Decisions

Bitcoin is fungible, secure and accessible from anywhere around the world. It is a digital form of money that can be used for more uses than normal money itself. Thanks to the blockchain and the ability to program new apps on top of Bitcoin, there exists literally a limitless amount of possibilities for what can be done with BTC. What is not to like (assuming you don’t work for the government, of course)?

Check out this cool video from cryptocurrency industry titans on how awesome Bitcoin is as an investment vehicle. If you’re thinking about making a Bitcoin investment, be sure to do proper research and only allocate what you are able to risk. BTC is still quite volatile and should really only be looked at with a long-term lens.

If you had an opportunity to obtain Bitcoin for what purpose would you use it for?

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